Uniform Youth Work Hub Volunteer Research

The uniformed youth work hub is made up of the 6 main uniform youth work organisations in Northern Ireland. They are made up almost entirely of volunteers with small staff teams supporting the work. Between the six organisations there are over 10000 volunteers working with almost 52000 young people.

This research was carried out to give an insight into the experiences of those volunteers with a specific focus on examining the benefits, support and enabling factors as well as challenges faced during their time volunteering with a uniform organisation.

The survey was completed by 2346 volunteers, 23% of the total number across the six organisations. Five focus groups were conducted with volunteers across Northern Ireland in Enniskillen, Derry/Londonderry, Antrim, Belfast and Portadown, in total 53 people attended. The focus groups allowed for more in-depth questions and an opportunity to focus on specific themes emerging from the results of the online survey.

The survey gave some interesting insights into the make up and experiences of our volunteers. You can access the a copy of the research on the Publications page.